Wednesday, March 4, 2009

i miss my ex-chaletm8s..

We met by chance,
And turned into friends.
And now, although we have our own destiny,
Our FRIENDSHIP will grow more with the passing time.

Though many people walk in and out of my life,
But only you,
my true friends leave footprints in my heart.

Friends are always friends,
no matter how far we have to travel back in time.

If we have memories together,
There is always a piece of our FRIENDSHIP inside our heart.

p/s: to fiza,soraya and amalina.. i just want YOU to know dat i miss u all so damn much!
miss our CRAZYNESS at chl8 L-23... love korg forever!!!!!! =')

*love sharing....


Monday, March 2, 2009


is your conviction that this country
is superior to all other countries because you were born in it.

p/s: do co-curricular activities really strengthen our nationalism????
hurm... i guess i still need to ''kawad'' dis evening.. haih.. *jumping happily =p

*love sharing....


why yelling?.. ;(

I don't like yelling and fighting,
and I hate to quarrel
Never charge a player and,
above all,
no pointing your finger or yelling.

p/s: pls dunt suddenly yell at ppl when u r askin' for help.. it's not polite n it's RUDE!
btw, sorry diamonders if kak pija yell at u all tyme bangsawan dlu ek!
sory mory , ampun maap ye!

*love sharing...


jiwang me? =p

MISSING someone
is a part of loving them;
if you're never apart
then you'll never know
how strong your love really is....

*love sharing..