Sunday, May 31, 2009


they've won the Britain's Got Talent 2009..
huhu.. i love 'em!
i like Susan Boyle too.. but.. 
i think Diversity deserved it more!
yeah.. their dance is soooooooo cool!
go Diversity!!!!!



mmg best gler2! huhu..
x sbr nk tgk die reveal who is ROMEO..
name cm x leh bla je kan? huhu..
best cte ni..
anding a.k.a alam ade kuase psykick.. huhu
when he touches brg2.. leh nmpk sumthin la.. huhu
best! best! best!
korg tgk la ek!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


These are the main actors for BLOGGER BOY
from left ; Qi, Julie Woon, and Nas-T

Can't wait to watch this show!!!!!


Sunday, May 24, 2009


1. Floccinaucinihilipilification
Estimation that something is valueless. 
Proper pronunciation based on Latin roots: flockə-nowsə-nəkələ-pələ-fək-ation.

2. Tyrotoxism
To be poisoned by cheese

3. Nudiustertian
The day before yesterday

4. Pulveratricious
Covered with dust

5. Widdiful
Someone who deserves to be hanged

those are the weird words ever !!!!! yang the 1st one 2... sgt la x bleh bla ke'weird'an nye... ish3...


Saturday, May 23, 2009


saje je post gambar mamat ni.. hikhikhik
His name is Ha Seok Jin/Ha Suk Jin..
nape saye suke? ntah la.. sbb suke la! =p



i just wanna say that..
they really2 can perform a super duper cool dance !!!



I have always thought
it would be a blessing if each person
could be blind and deaf
for a few days during his early adult life.

Darkness would make him appreciate sight;
Silence would teach him the joys of sound.

but alhamdulillah dgn ape yg dikurniakan kepada kite..


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


kris allen.. hurm..
he is cute tho!!! n he has a beautiful voice..
just like jason mraz.. =)
when i look at him.. 
i know he's very2 honest..
ckp melayu, cm skema la..
but he has a pure heart n he's nice!!!

what can i say bout dis dude??
his cool, superb, very talented..
n i love when he 'yells'..
he's sooo full of versatility..
but, one thing i dun like bout him is..
his social life.. huhu..
but after all, i dun bother.. 
i hope american idol will lead him 2 be a better person!

so, the result had come out.. huhu..
i knew dat kris allen will win AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 8..
i'm so proud of him! both of 'em deserve to be the idol!! 
i mean, in singing la kan..



Each day offers us..
the gift of being a special occasion..
if we can simply learn that..
as well as giving..
it is blessed to receive..
with grace and grateful heart.


Saturday, May 16, 2009


i'm taking dis opportunity 2 wish...
hepy teahers' day to all my teachers...
thank you for sharing all the knowledge u have to me...
thank you for making me such a useful person...
i love u teachers..
n i'll never forget what u've taught me...



Learn from yesterday...
Live for today...
Hope for tomorrow...
The important thing is...
Not to stop questioning.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kellie's Castle

tadaaaaa!! dis is me!
location? Kellie's Castle...
huhu.. love dis pics.. thanks e ah n ika!!!

kawan2.. dis is me.. walking down the staircase..hehe..
ni br lps pegi roof die..huhu.. the stair is small.. i think, 2 persons can't 
walk together at the same time.. =)  credit to misz eah for dis picture.. =)
btw, in Kellie's Castle, thre're too many secret staircases..huhu.. gler la!
bilik anak2 die pun ade diorg punye own secret stair tau.. cool!
and2, die punye daughter.. sgt cantik!

this is me and misz eah... u can see the background kan?
it's actually the Kellie's Castle!!! best! and again, we r at the top of if..
gayat sgt2!!! it is an interesting place to visit tho.. huhu.. but a bit 
scary.. bese la 2 kan? abandon castle la katekan.. huhu..

this is me and ika.. kitorg tgh duduk on the roof
of Kellie's Castle.. cuak gler!  the roof shud be the place
for party and tennis court... luas gler kt atas ni!!! n u know what,
we can see everythin, i mean not evrythin' la kan..hehe.. nmpk hijau
je perak ni.. best! relaxing..n so cool! u shud try!

actually ade byk gmbr lagi.. but i'm still trying to get it from 
e ah n ika..huhu.. sbenanye x rancang g sane.. but then, kitorg nak tmankan
our fren yg nak balik tganu.. bas kul 10 mlm.. so, g la jln2 dlu jap ptg 2.. huhu
our fren 2, bie... ngah kuar ngan bf die...huhu.. so, after diorg c ap jmpe..
kitorg la anta balik..hehe.. ape2 pun, it's a very enjoyable xperience!!!!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009


this is one of the malay movies...
that i've been following since i'm home..
the plot is quite nice...
but there're so many hot guys!!!
fahrin,IQRAM DINZLY,fizo,ery n many more!
jealousy..hikhikhik...gediks la plak!

btw, back 2 'MATAHARI'...
hurm.. lysdawati is a gud actress but...
cam bosan je asyik tinggalkan so many guys...
huhu.. btw, i'm looking 4ward for the next episode..
tmorrow... =) it better be gud tho!



i know...
he is faizal tahir...
a well-known n talented singer...
i like his voice so much!
what i want to highlight here...
is that...
i kinda start liking his new hairstyle...
he looks so korean...
that's y i like it...

Monday, May 11, 2009


selamat hari ibu!!!!
emak.. i love u so much!
i'm so lucky to have a mother like u,mak...
mak, i'm so sorry for everythin'...
i know i've been troubling u so many times...
thank u for being so patient with my siblings n me...

kaklong, angah, abang n adik...
nak mintk maaf kat mak...
if kitrg ade wat salah...
n buat mak kecil hati...
ampunkan kami ye mak...

thank u 4 being our great teacher...
thank u for being the greatest listener...
thank u for being such a wonderful 'emak' for us...
thank u ALLAH for giving me this great person...



hye people!!!!!!
after about more than 4 months living wif them...
baru nk revealkn diorg...!
they are my rum8s...!!!!
from the front; misz e ah, ika, ME, and atith...!

gmbr ini diambil mggunakan hp e ah..
ketika ini kami sedang lari dr fogging..
n kami menuju ke downtown..
di mana kami mmbeli juadah dinner...huhu
they are so fun to be wif...

e ah - suke tgkap gmbr 
ika - ala2 boyish tp pndai make up
atith - sgt obses ngan badan die, asyk cmplaint gemok

kami dh buat byk benda 2gether...
yg plg x bleh bla.. 
one nite, we all jual jambu batu 2gether!
xprnah tepkir nk wat cm2 kt uitm..huhu

anyway, i love 'em!
they r my sun that shines my day at uitm seri iskandar...
i miss 'em a lot!!!
thanks e ah, ika n atith..
u've been soooo nice 2 me!
doakn kami dpt bilik same lg next sem..

korg, enjoy ur hols kay?
bt do remember, 11th june nnti kne tgk results on9..

Saturday, May 9, 2009

saye T.E.R.U.K

ini adalah bas yg mungkin saye akan naek 11 pg td...
now dah 12.15 pm...
tgh tunggu my mom ngan my dad ambik...
bwk balik umah...
nak tau np?
coz i've misplaced my ticket...
mlm td dah check...
dat ticket ade atas meja...
pg dah x de...
ape2 pun, saye yg cuai...
it's my fault anyway...
sorry menyusahkan both of u...
weekend ni supposed to be a day untk relax...
hepy mothers day mak...
hepy belated burfday ayah...
i love u so much...!